Before you come

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

It is not recommended to use any cream with color, pre-base, or foundation before makeup booking. The most important thing about your makeup is your skincare routine so try to be nice with yourself, drink a lot of water, wash your face first thing at the morning ad again before you go to bed. Few advices that I would like someone told me before my first Makeup Appointment

  • Don't try new things or products in your face before a big event.

  • Is it worthy to try those new eyebrows at your best friend's wedding? No.

  • Wax the day before? No.

  • Party hard the day before? Maybe... but definitely don't go to sleep with makeup on.

  • Try new styles with few days in advance so you can feel confident and rock that new version of yourself

  • Try to know your outfit few days before the appointment so we can match everything perfectly

Love, Pao.