Lockdown - level 3

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

So here we go again, in our bubbles one more time.

I hope all of you are healthy, surrounded by the people you love. I won’t lie, It’s being hard, a little bit lonely for some of us, and maybe you feel the pressure of the society to be “productive”. Im here to remember you we all live our process different, and its ok if some days you don’t wanna go out to the bed or If you feel you need to fill up your itinerary so your anxiety don’t kick in. Do what makes you happy, whatever that means, whatever that give you calm.

I know few of you need to reschedule important events one more time, frustrating I bet… but the time will come. I promise, everything going to take it owns place. Please we aware that you don’t need to worry about payments fee for reschedule your date, its totally free and we can work out to find the right spot in my agenda for you.

FYI I’m fully vaccinated yeeeih! I see it as one step closer to the “normality”.

Looking forward to see you again in Level 2, few extra instructions will be sent to ensure safety for you as a customer and myself of course.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Love; Paola.