Traffic light system

Hi everyone.

Just to give you an update about the new system regulation,

On one hand, we can operate again and I'm sooo happy to see my regular customers back, and welcome to the new one!

It feels great to have a little bit of normality once again, looking forward to having a drink with friends, a nice dinner (when I don’t need to clean the dishes), and a decent haircut, maybe even try a new gym… I know you all know the feeling!!

I’m excited to not only make you feel more beautiful with makeup that realizes your inner beauty but why not, a friendly chat and a good laughing.

…And on the bitter-sweet side, we still need to take all the measures to take care of ourselves and others so please don’t feel offended if I ask you to scan your vaccine record as is part of the conditions at the moment. I will be working with facemask since my arrival and make sure all my products included the brushes are disinfected as usual.

Even when I particularly would love to accept every single one of you, due to government restrictions at the moment we only accept bookings of vaccinated people.

Thanks for all your support in crazy, weird times, the year is almost over and I hope you all have an amazing 2022 when we can be closer to the people we love.

Stay safe!